Python In A Hurry

This is Python in a Hurry, or more fully, Python in a Hurry for Experienced Programmers. It is a quick introduction to Python for people who have programmed in other languages.

Python in a Hurry:

  • will teach you enough Python to be productive.
  • will do it quickly.

On the other hand, Python in a Hurry won’t do everything:

  • it will not be exhaustive, showing Python esoterica that will slow down your learning.
  • it will not give you a deep understanding of the subtleties of Python.
  • it will not try to convince you that Python is the best, or even a good, programming language, though it is!
  • it will not waste your time.



  • None, booleans, numbers
  • tuple unpacking assignment
  • string formatting
  • print
  • community?
  • packaging?
  • testing?